In the pipeline for the next few years:

Later in 2019, I hope to edit  Reach, Build, Send: A Pattern for Anglican Ministry which is papers from a Junior Anglican Evangelical Conference, by Paul Williams, Mark Burkill, Glen Scrivener, and others.

I have a chapter in a book celebrating the 200th anniversary of the Hellenic Bible Society, coming out in 2019-2020. My chapter is in English, and is called The Engine of the English Reformation: Wyclif, Tyndale, Cranmer and the Word of God.

I hope 2020 may see a book with Ros Clarke and Ash Carter covering the Creed, the Lord’s Prayer, the Ten Commandments, the Sacraments, and Church (title to be confirmed — all ideas welcome!).

I’m hoping to get a cheap modern paperback edition of The Anglican Homilies (Book 1) out in 2020.

I have been commissioned to write The Christian’s Pocket Guide to John Owen by Christian Focus Publications, as well as a book of Daily Readings from John Owen.

I am writing a book tentatively called Are Anglicans among the Reformed? for the Reformation Heritage Books series Explorations in Reformed Confessional Theology. This could be out sometime in the 2020s!

Editing: the Hales-Balcanquahal correspondence for a multi-volume critical edition of the documents related to the Synod of Dort. See here for more details.

Also planned are some books on George Herbert, John Calvin, Pleasing God, and the Anglican Lectionary. But no firm plans for publication as yet. Plus, some large scale editing projects are underway on a new 38 volume Complete Works of John Owen, and a 50 volume commentary on the Bible. Details to be announced in due course…