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For Us and For Our Salvation

For Us and For Our Salvation is my attempt to examine the doctrine of so-called ‘limited atonement.’ I have tried to do justice to the doctrine by exegeting the relevant parts of the Bible, seeing how it has surfaced over time in church history, and pondering what difference it makes to life and ministry as a Christian. I made a sustained effort over many years to engage the best arguments against the doctrine that I could find, and deliberately invited comment and critique from those who dislike it (which was often forthcoming in great detail!). I did this, not because I want to give limited atonement undue prominence, or because I want to cause division. But I have heard many silly things said on all sides of the argument on this one, and I thought I might be able to help by doing a bit of research on it to clarify matters. No doubt I could have done better in each area (Bible, doctrine, history, ministry), and I am very much aware of my own limitations (sic). But if future debates are more informed and friendly as a result of this book, then my prayers will have been answered.

We celebrated the launch of the book yesterday at Tyndale House in Cambridge. It is available from Amazon and such places, but also direct from the publisher here. My friend and colleague at Tyndale, Josh Harper, made a delicious cake. “An open Bible winging its way with the doctrines of grace being unfolded from its pages” was how one friend described the design. Maybe we should have used that on the cover!

Here’s a pdf of the front matter, so you can see what it’s all about in more detail: For Us and For Our Salvation (Contents and Endorsements).


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