What can Church Society offer?

What can Church Society offer?

Part 5 of an interview of Lee Gatiss by James Crabtree.

Well, James, as you know, Church Society  has a very long history of standing up for the truth when it counts.

Yes, we lobby against the destructive tides of revisionist liberalism in church and state. Yes, we oppose gospel-obscuring ceremonialism and defective views of salvation by Christ alone. But in our extensive publishing work and our intimate connections to local churches through the patronage responsibilities we hold, we can have a deep and profoundly positive long-term effect on the nation too.

I’m sometimes asked, “Why should I join Church Society? What’s in it for me?” Well, in one sense there is nothing in it for you! Being a member of Church Society is not about buying benefits and privileges for ourselves. It’s about the glory of God and the good of England, and we club together as partners in that work because we see the need to do it in fellowship with others. It’s about serving, not being served, as the Master himself put it.

I know we’re not the only game in town, but because the Society has a history and a depth to it, there are quite a number of ways to serve, whether that’s by writing in Churchman or Cross+Way or for EvNews, serving on Councils and committees, by giving of time, talents, and treasure, or by using our prayer diary to pray.

I’m sure there are advantages to having a full time Director (and over the last 60+ years there have been a number of excellent men at the helm). But Church Society is not a one man band; never has been, never will be. So ask not what Church Society can do for you (though there are many ways it can help and resource Christians and churches); ask, rather, what you can do for England and the Church of England by stepping off the sidelines and getting involved.


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