Bible Program for PDA

I use an excellent program on my handheld computer (a Palm TX) called Palm Bible+.  This enables me to carry around the English Standard Bible as well as the Greek (LXX & Nestle-Aland 27th Edition) and Hebrew (BHS) original texts.  There are also other resources available for this Bible program such as lexicons, commentaries, and that sort of thing.  It is all available here:

Palm Bible+ Program available at:

I hear that e-Sword is the best program for all you PDA Windows users.  But here are some extra resources for Palm Bible+ on the Palm OS:

ESV text from:

Greek Texts:

LXX & NT combined:
NT only:
Parsed NA Greek: Click here, courtesy of
Graham Hind’s Greek module with Strongs and Parsings

Hebrew Texts

Pointed BHS: Click here, courtesy of
Unpointed text:
Graham Hind’s Hebrew module with Strongs

See also for various Hebrew and Greek stuff.


Other resources
A Dictionary programme called BDicty:
Various Bdicty Lexicons
PPI needed to call Bdicty from within PB+  Once installed you need to run it once and select “Bdicty”. Then start PB+ and choose Options->Preferences->Interface, and select ‘Double Tap PPI’. This will enable you to double-click on a word (or a Strongs number in some Bible versions) and instantly call up teh BDicty entry on it. Very handy!

Matthew Henry Commentary:
Keil & Delitsch Commentary:
Cross References database:

David Instone-Brewer of Tyndale House has produced a list of Palm Bible+ resources too:

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